Смузи в блендере

I want to offer you a delicious smoothie prepared in a blender. It’s a nice refreshing dessert drink based on yogurt and berries with jam instead of sugar.

Description of the preparation:

Fresh or frozen currants or other berries or fruit to prepare a smoothie in a blender. The drink is prepared on the basis of yogurt and jam in a few minutes.


  • Red currants 150 Grams (fresh or frozen)
  • Sweet liquid jam — 70 Ml
  • Fat yogurt — 200 Milliliters
  • Vanilla sugar — 1-2 Pinches (you can not add)

Number of servings: 1-2

How to make “Smoothies in a blender”

Смузи в блендере
1. Prepare the products. Red currants contain a lot of bones, children are better replaced by more soft fruits or berries. Jam should be sweet.

Смузи в блендере
2. The currants in a blender and puree them completely.

Смузи в блендере
3. Get the chips, I pre-froze it for better grinding.

Смузи в блендере
4. In a blender add chilled yogurt and a thick jam, add a pinch of vanillin or vanilla sugar. Turn on the blender.

Смузи в блендере
5. Get a very tasty thick smoothie! Bon appetit!