Салат с апельсинами и фенхелем

This unusual salad is prepared very quickly and easily, and its taste is rich and fresh. Dill can be replaced with parsley, and to add a spice of salad, you can use red pepper instead of black.


Oranges 1 PC.
apples 2 PCs
fennel 1 PC.
pumpkin seeds 20 g
dill 2-3 vet.
salt to taste
black pepper to taste
olive oil 2 tbsp

Method of preparation

Orange peel and remove the partitions, flesh cut into small slices. Apples cut, cored and cut into thin slices. Put all in a salad bowl. Add to the bowl finely chopped fennel and torn leaves on the dill, season with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, mix gently. Serve sprinkled with pumpkin seeds.

Cooking time
15 min.
The level of difficulty