Салат с ветчиной

Ham salad is one of the few dishes that contain meat, and it will be combined with absolutely any ingredients that only come to mind mistress. Here everything will depend on financial possibilities of each family, fancy and preferences of the people for which the dish is prepared. The simplest of salads, including ham, can be cooked even for a casual dining table. If you want something unusual and delicious, then this salad is better to prepare for the holiday. In this case the field of your activities will be expanded. If you wish, you can make the ingredients yourself and feel free to experiment. Let’s look at one of the most famous variations of cooking this dish, get to know its ingredients.


  • 2 chicken eggs.
  • 150 gr. salad.
  • 1 sweet pepper.
  • 230 gr. of cherry tomatoes.
  • 150 gr. ham.
  • 100 gr. cheese.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • French mustard – a teaspoon.
  • Wine vinegar and 1.5 tablespoons.
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil.

Recipe salad with ham.

1. Pepper and ham will sinkovits cubes or strips, depending on the preferences of the family.

2. Hard boiled eggs are cleaned and crushed, and the cheese rubbed on a fairly coarse grater.

3. The salad is cut or torn manually.

4. The cherry tomatoes cut into two halves.

5. In a separate bowl mix vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard and oil. It is best to mix them with a fork to obtain a homogeneous mixture. To give more flavour to the salad in the dressing, add your favorite spices.

6. All the ingredients are mixed in a dish, and after filling salad seasoned with prepared casting.

Now the salad is ready for serving. It will look original and delicious, and due to its composition will have a fairly bright color. Many people are not for no reason like full-bodied taste, which is jointly acquire tomatoes, ham and greens. A small accent will add the French mustard, which is also to the liking of almost all gourmets. If you want, then you can change some ingredients to make the dish more original or simple. Based on financial capability, tomatoes can replace the ordinary, and instead of cheese you can use cream. But note that in this case, the dish will also change your taste.

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