Сыроедческий суп из шампиньонов

The soup has a nice color, thanks to the greenery in the composition. Beautiful structure and texture of the soup is achieved by the addition of the zucchini.

Description of preparation:

Wash and chop the vegetables for the soup. Put in blender, add salt, water and spices. Preroute. Serve with herbs and oil!


  • Mushrooms — 300 Grams
  • Zucchini — 200-300 Grams
  • Greens — 1 Bunch
  • Salt — to taste
  • Cold pressed oil — 1 teaspoon
  • Lemon — to taste
  • Ground black pepper — to taste
  • Water — 200-300 Ml

Number of servings: 2-3

How to cook “Raw food soup with mushrooms”

Сыроедческий суп из шампиньонов
Prepare the ingredients for soup.

Сыроедческий суп из шампиньонов
With zucchini, remove the peel. Cut it into medium-sized pieces for convenience.

Сыроедческий суп из шампиньонов
Put all the ingredients for the soup in a blender. Add water, salt. Oil can be added at once, and can then, in portions.

Сыроедческий суп из шампиньонов
Turn the blender on high for 1-2 minutes. The soup is ready!

Сыроедческий суп из шампиньонов
Pour into plates, garnish with herbs, black pepper, pour over the oil. Serve cold.

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