Bake in portion cups or ceramic cake pan.

  • Number of servings: 3
  • Cooking time: 60 Minutes

Картофельное суфлеIngredients

  • Potatoes — 250 grams
  • Parmesan cheese — 30 grams
  • Egg — 1 piece
  • Flour — 25 grams
  • Butter — 25 grams
  • Milk — 250 ml
  • Mustard — 2 teaspoons
  • Salt — to taste
  • Pepper — to taste

Method of preparation

  1. Parmesan RUB on a grater. Separate the yolk from the protein.

  2. Potato peel, cut into small pieces. Boil under a cover in salted water, drain the water.

  3. While cooking the potatoes, prepare the Bechamel sauce. Melt in a saucepan the butter. Stir in the flour, fry it. Without ceasing to interfere, pour in the milk. Cook for 7-10 minutes on medium heat until the sauce thickens. Add the Parmesan cheese.

  4. With a potato masher mash the potatoes, season with salt and pepper. Add béchamel, egg yolk and mustard, mix.

  5. Protein shake in a solid foam. Gently add it to mashed potatoes.

  6. Form for baking grease with butter. Put them in the potato mixture. Bake at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes. Soufflé should rise and become Golden brown.

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