Маковые плюшки

Many people adore pastries. It will be especially delicious if prepared at home, not bought in the store or market. If you wish to pamper your loved ones with something tasty, please note a simple but interesting recipe – poppy seed bun. However, one of the most simple, but at the same time the most delicious preparations we will look at right now.

The ingredients for this recipe:

  • 95 g Mac.
  • 90 g of sugar.
  • 130 ml of milk.
  • 320 g of flour.
  • Teaspoon of dry yeast.
  • 1 egg.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • 2.5 tablespoons of sugar.
  • Vanilla.
  • Butter – 50 g

Recipe poppyseed buns:

1. If you want to make fluffy and delicious poppy seed buns, you need to mix all the ingredients to create the dough. The simplest option would be to use the bread machine. If the work is done manually, after the first kneading, you must send it to half a day for cooling in the refrigerator. If the time is not much, then at least it takes 4 hours.

2. Within a quarter of an hour the poppy should stand in a filled with boiling water pot. After it is ground up in the blender.

3. From the test rectangle is created, it is laid out poppy seed filling, there is added sugar.

4. The dough is folded three times along its length overlap, and then cut into strips of width 3 see the result should be 8 to 10 strips.

5. Each strip is rolled into a curl. Actions are carried out along the axis, and then the end of the workpiece will be attached to the other end.

6. The workpiece is laid out on a baking sheet that was covered with parchment paper. A good option would be silicone baking Mat, which is very convenient.

7. Each bun must be carefully greased with yolk, which mixed with the water.

8. Baking is for 20 minutes on 200 degrees.

9. After this time, delicious and flavorful muffins are ready.

It now remains only to remove the cakes from the oven, because the cooking poppyseed buns will be over. See, your household will be happy with such delicious food, you’ll love it because of its simple preparation. Besides, you can pamper guests who can come to your home.
Practice shows that there are different variations of creating such Goodies, but the above recipe is the easiest and most profitable.

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