Varied and tasty meatless recipes with photos for each day will be useful to those of our readers who are fasting. Revision REPLACE with YOUR WEBSITE offers the best entrees that will satisfy and warm, and will add energy to your body.

I hope you like the proposed meatless recipes during the long lentto the varied and delicious, and most importantly – useful to feed your family hot.

  • Meatless recipes for every day: Vegetable goulash soup

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If you are fasting, you should know what you can and cannot eat these days. Products of animal origin is prohibited, so the soup we cook in meat broth.

  • Meatless recipes for every day: Vegetable pickle

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Lenten menu can diversify as salads and dishes of dough, and soups. Offer you in your Lenten recipes include pickle. This is a wonderful first course, a savory flavor infused pickles.

  • Meatless recipes for every day: Bean soup

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Bean soup is particularly relevant in the period of lent because it is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. By its nutritional value it is able to replace meat food. A method of cooking is extremely simple.

  • Meatless recipes for every day: Vegetable soup with sauerkraut

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Traditional Ukrainian borsch in vegetable variant is also very tasty. To it can you make vegetable dumplings with garlic.

  • Meatless recipes for every day: red lentil Soup

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Lentil is an extremely useful product that can replace animal protein. And since during lent we are especially in need of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, proposed to prepare a red lentil soup with greens.

Bon appetit!

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