Kutya – a traditional Russian dish for the festive Christmas table. Also, this dish is known in the people under such names as Coliva, Eve, Nutsedge, Sochivo.

Description of preparation:

Wheat porridge, which according to Eastern Slavic Orthodox tradition, served on Christmas day, has several names – Sochivo, Kutia, Kolivo. There is a great variety of opinion and disputes about what is the difference between Kutia, kolivo and poor were Sochivo. According to Orthodox cookbook, the traditional Christmas dish made of wheat can be called either way – the only difference is that the recipe is only slightly different from Sochivo recipe Kuti. The differences, however, are minor in nature, and also concerning them there are many opposite versions. If you want to make a real Christmas Pudding (or Sochivo, call it what you like), feel free to take this recipe and cook for the correctness of this prescription can not challenge even a historian-cook. It is about this method of cooking is said in the Orthodox cookbook, and more authoritative in matters of Orthodox cooking source simply does not. By the way, some searching for the name on the Internet with an error, without the soft sign, by typing “Kutya”. Recipe Sochivo (Kuti): 1. Grind the wheat. The correct step is crushed wheat grain with a wooden pestle in a mortar, occasionally pouring a small amount of warm water, but you can use other tools. 2. To separate the kernels of grain from the husk, then carefully sift and rinse. Boil the vegetable gruel on water from pure grains, cool and sweeten to taste. 3. Grind poppy to obtain specific milk, add honey and combine with the wheat. If porridge is too thick, you can dilute with cool boiled water. Then add crushed walnuts. Sochivo, you can also prepare rice. The ratio of components subject to exactly the same. Cook the rice: pour rice 1 1/5 cups boiling water, cover the pan with a lid (tightly), cook the rice for 3 minutes over high heat. Then continue to cook the rice for 6 minutes over medium heat, 3 minutes on low. Remove from heat and allow to infuse for a couple of with the lid closed for another 12 minutes.


  • a grain of wheat — 1 Cup
  • Mak — 100 Grams
  • kernels of walnuts — 100 Grams
  • honey — 1/3 St. spoon
  • sugar – to taste

Number of servings: 2-3

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