In Tajik cuisine a lot of dishes with lamb. One of them is Kashubian. Is a thick hearty soup of mung beans and rice. It can be prepared in a cauldron or a deep frying pan. Try it, it’s delicious!

Description of preparation:

Mash — product with a negative calorie content. It is perfect for any diet for weight loss. It is very satisfying and useful, contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. It is also called mung beans. Kashubian is one of the common dishes of Tajik cuisine with the addition of mung beans. Rich, thick and hearty soup is a complete lunch or dinner for your family. Before you a detailed recipe how to cook Kashubian. Pleasant to you of hassle in the kitchen!


  • Mutton — 200-300 Grams
  • Mash the beans — 80 Grams
  • Rice — 60 Gram
  • Carrots — 1 Piece
  • Onion — 1 Piece
  • Tomato puree — 1/2 Cup
  • Salt — to taste
  • Vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. spoon
  • Greens — to taste
  • Boiling Water — 1 Liter

Servings: 4

How to cook “Kashubian”

Prepare the necessary products. Mash the rice and wash, drain on a sieve.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Meat cut into small pieces and fry until Golden brown.

Onions and carrots clean. Shred onion, add the meat, lightly fry.

Carrots cut into cubes, put in the pan, cook for 5 minutes.

Add the tomato puree, cook for 10 minutes.

Add mung beans, cover with water, cover and cook until half-cooked beans.

Add the rice, cook until tender. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with greens. Bon appetit!

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