Сок из моркови

The juice of the carrot contains a lot of vitamins. But to use it not on an empty stomach better to drink a Cup of juice 30-40 minutes after eating.

Description of the preparation:

For making juice you will need a juicer and purified or mineral water.


  • Carrot — 2 Pieces (large)
  • Water — 70-80 Ml

Number of servings: One

How to cook “the Juice of carrots”

Сок из моркови
1. Prepare the water and carrots. Scrape the carrots and wash thoroughly.

Сок из моркови
2. With the help of a juicer squeeze the juice from the carrots.

Сок из моркови
3. Add water to juice, stir.

Сок из моркови
4. The juice of carrots is ready. To use freshly prepared within 15 minutes.

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