Nearing Groundhog Day. This celebration, which history and tradition in Ukraine and the world he has, will tell you REPLACE WITH YOUR WEBSITE.

Groundhog day – what a holiday

Every year since 1886, February 2 residents of the United States, Canada and other countries celebrate an unusual national holiday – Groundhog Day. Its essence lies in predicting the weather for the near future the behavior of the Groundhog. It is believed that on this day the Groundhog peeping out of his hole after winter hibernation, able to guess how long the winter is and when to wait for the arrival of spring.

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If the day is Sunny, this cute rodent sees his shadow and, frightened her, for a long time again will hide in his hole. It means that winter will last for a long time – six weeks, until mid-March. But on a cloudy day, he has nothing to fear – marmot quietly selected from their homes and sent to the first walk after a long winter sleep. This behavior says about the imminent arrival of spring.

Groundhog day – the history of the holiday

Generally similar tradition to define the duration of winter on animal behavior inherent in the cultures of many peoples of the world. For example, in Ancient Rome, in early February, celebrated hedgehog, who was also woken up and forced to watch shadow. In Germany, the role of the meteorologist was assigned to the badger. It is believed that in America this tradition was brought it came from Germany. And in the Western hemisphere officially “handed over into the hands of” local animals running into hibernation the marmots.

The ancient Roman custom passed into the Christian tradition. Date is also not chosen by chance: it was on 2 February in the Gregorian calendar (or 15 August according to the Julian calendar) marks the feast Candlemas. It is believed that on this day winter meets summer. One of them will be stronger, he will rule the world in the coming weeks. And the weather on Candlemas to judge the coming of spring: if the weather that day is clear and Sunny, the remaining winter will be long and cold.

Groundhog day – the holiday has an interesting tradition

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The first and the most popular official weatherman was the Big Groundhog, Phil, lives on Turkey Hill in the American town of Punxsutawney, in the mountains of Pennsylvania. At exactly 7:25 Phil is extracted from the hole and listen to his forecast. For over a hundred years, people are closely watching the forecasts Pennsylvania Groundhog, calling him a visionary, a prophet and a sage.

On the occasion of Groundhog Day in many cities and settlements of North America are real rituals and festivals dedicated to the local marmots – foretellers of weather. This event attracts the attention of tourists and even served as a pretext for filming the romantic Comedy film “Groundhog Day”. So a traditional national holiday of the United States and Canada Groundhog Day has gained interest and popularity in many countries of the world. Ukraine also has its famous groundhogs-meteorologists: this is the Kharkov and Lviv Tim Bear.

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