Имбирь в сахаре

One of the best dishes is the ginger in the Sahara. This dish can be purchased at the store, but you can make your own. The recipe of ginger in the Sahara is quite simple. Despite this, results from the consumption of this dish will certainly surprise You, because the ginger in sugar not only delicious, but also useful for the human body, as ginger is a tool that helps in weight loss.

To cook the ginger in sugar need just 3 ingredients:

· Ginger root (peeled) – 1 kg;
· Sugar – 0.5 kg;
· Clean water.

Recipe cooking ginger in sugar.

1. First things first when cooking the ginger in sugar have to slice the ginger into thin slices.

2. Then ginger should be placed in a pot and fill it with sugar. Add water, a little to cover the ginger, and put on the fire.

3. After water boil, diminish the fire and cook until tender. This can be determined by the state. All the water should evaporate at the bottom of the pan will remain thick caramelized syrup, and ginger strips are transparent and shiny.

4. Next you need to put the ginger in a colander to drain the syrup. The syrup can then be used for the purpose, in particular, add it to tea.

5. Then ginger laid on a baking tray lined food paper. Sprinkle it with sugar and put to dry in the oven. It is important to monitor the condition of the ginger and not burn it.

6. Then take the ginger out of the oven and slightly cool, you can serve it on the table.

As a result, the ginger in the sugar ready to use. Now, if You need to lose excess weight, then You have a great tool. We hope that this original dish You like and You will be cooking, if necessary more often. Also, we would be very pleased if You leave a positive review to this dish!

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