Christmas chores the most pleasant, because they are always accompanied by expectation of the holiday. Preparations for the traditional night – always very responsible men for rent on the speed of the race from store to store in search of gifts, hostess choose new salad recipes for the New Year. Can’t do without Christmas trees, which you definitely need to have to dress up the whole family. Of course, no less important symbol of the holiday is a table with refreshments. From year to year, it would seem, was already prepared with all the possible salads. So what’s the surprise guest this time?

Meals in the meadow


The best way to surprise guests at a dinner party – to include fantasy. Original appetizer for new year’s table will be the “cheese of sheep on the meadow”. Most of the articles in Nternete devoted to snacks 2015 propose to use for this idea of the inflorescence of cauliflower. Looks like this option is in principle not bad. But where is the guarantee that everybody loves this Kale? But good old cheese balls have long been a proven option.

In order to prepare the “cheese of sheep on the meadow” will need:

– 4 processed cheese of medium hardness;

– 3 processed soft cheese;

– 1 clove of garlic;

– 5 eggs;

– mayonnaise;

– greens;

large olives.

1 .Boiled eggs and hard cheese three on a coarse grater. Add the mayonnaise and pushed through garlic press. Mix and form balls instead of the usual oblong, but quite plump sausages.

2. Soft processed cheese slowly grate on a coarse grater. Prodavlivaet, it is wrapped in a kind of curly hair is very similar to the fur of the sheep. Distribute them to the “torso”.

3. Of olives do the head. Cut the fruit into four parts. Two of them use as ears. To the head didn’t fall off you can use a toothpick. Most importantly don’t forget to warn guests about it.

4. As for the legs, you can take the legs of mushrooms or cinnamon sticks. Place on a platter of greens and chopped vegetables, simulate a forest glade. Seat back of your sheep – the food is ready!

Lamb: potatoes


As a side dish to meat dishes often use potatoes. If a gala dinner is planned at home, often Housewives prefer mashed potatoes. In our case, this is perfect. Because the potato mixture can be not only a delicious dish but also an excellent material for creativity. To cook side dish “potato lamb” we will need the following ingredients:

– 1 kg of potatoes;

– 200 g of milk;

– 100 g of butter;


– olives and caviar Masago.

1. Boil the potatoes, crush with milk and butter. Divide mashed potatoes for number of portions depending on the number of invited guests. To generate from his body, head, future of the lamb and push a teaspoon of pattern that mimic wool.

2. The head decorate with finely chopped olives or caviar. Legs of lamb can also be spread from calf or use salted sticks, cinnamon sticks, or legs of mushrooms. To garnish spread chops or cutlets and garnish with greens.


In the shape of a sheep can also lay any layered salad +the New Year a great ornament of the table napkins with the symbol of a year or figurines made of porcelain and clay. Not necessarily to invent new recipes to surprise your guests. You can always use your imagination and to present the already popular dishes in a new light. Light the candles, beautifully served table, and all your treats will be more attractive. Refine your past ideas. With imagination even a simple puree will be the dish of the evening. Because all new – well forgotten old. Happy holidays and Bon appetit!