Less calorie version of prepare salad without croutons.

  • Servings: 4
  • Cooking time: 20 Minutes

Флорентийский салат с яйцами и ветчинойIngredients

  • Medium egg — 5 pieces
  • Egg (yolks) — 2 pieces
  • Parma ham sliced 90 grams
  • Unsweetened white buns — 2 pieces
  • Butter — 75 grams
  • Mustard — 0,5 teaspoons
  • Vinegar wine white — 0.5 tablespoons
  • Tarragon chopped — 2 tablespoons
  • Spinach and arugula (mixed leaves) — 225 grams
  • Salt — to taste

Method of preparation

  1. Cook eggs, dropping them in boiling water for 5 minutes. Cool, peel, cut into quarters.

  2. Thin slices Parma ham, cut crosswise into 2-3 pieces. Fry in 1 tbsp butter until Golden brown, drain on paper towel.

  3. For the croutons slice the brioche cubes, fry in the same pan until Golden color, lay out on paper towels to remove excess fat.

  4. For the sauce mix the raw yolks, vinegar, mustard, a pinch of salt. Melt the remaining butter, put in egg mixture, beat with a mixer at low speed. At the end add chopped tarragon, stir.

  5. Divide the spinach and arugula, quartered eggs into 4 portions, place on plates, add the ham, croutons, pour the cooked sauce. Serve immediately.

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