Easter 2018 is the most important religious holiday, celebrated on Orthodox and Catholic, i.e. all the Christian world. The day of the resurrection of Christ is the symbol of eternal Life, victory over Death and purification from sin.

What day is Easter in 2018, Orthodox and Catholics, how is her date and why Easter falls on different days, read on to REPLACE YOUR WEBSITE.

Easter 2018: what day is Orthodox Easter

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Easter 2018 will be celebrated on 8 April. Traditionally, this bright holiday ends with lent, which in 2018 will run from 19 February to 7 April, during which the Orthodox adhere to a strict restrictions in food, trying to purify themselves, to rethink their spiritual lives.

The holiday of Easter is invariably accompanied by aromas of fresh pastries, fancy Easter cakes, colored eggs, symbolic figurines of rabbits and lambs, all solemn Church services, traditions, visit each other’s homes and christofacist with the words “Christ is Risen!” – “He Is Risen Indeed!”

Easter 2018: how to calculate the date of the holiday

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Surely you are interested in the question: why Easter is celebrated at different times and what it depends on, what day is Easter in 2018? The feast of the Resurrection of the Lord every year falls on different dates. For example, in 2017, it was noted a week later, April 16, and Easter 2019 will be celebrated on April 28.

In fact, the date of Easter depends on the condition of the heavenly bodies, namely the moon and the Sun. The celebration of Easter was selected first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after the spring equinox. From this it follows that Easter 2018, as in other years, is passing a Church holiday and not tied to the traditional calendar, and therefore is celebrated in different times. And the range of the celebration of the resurrection of Christ in different years can be from 4 April to 8 may.

From a number of Orthodox Easter in 2018, all the others depend passing the Church holidays of the year: Lazarus Saturday Entrance into Jerusalem, Ascension, Pentecost. They are calculated depending on the date Easter 2018. Therefore, to better navigate the dates not to miss important days and great events, it is desirable to have at hand the Orthodox Church calendar for 2018.

Date of Catholic and Orthodox Easter 2018

It is noteworthy that usually the Orthodox and Catholic Easter is celebrated on different days. The reason is that these churches produce the calendar in different calendars. Orthodox Christians according to the Julian calendar and the Catholics – according to the Gregorian So the Catholic Easter 2018 is celebrated on 1 April.


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