Утка, запеченная с апельсинами

Duck baked with oranges – very festive and ceremonial dish that I usually cook for New year or Christmas. The hostess cooks, the owner, cuts and puts each in a bowl…Ah!

Description of preparation:

Duck baked with oranges – great main dish for a Christmas buffet. Once prepared this dish for the New year are happy with the juicy and tender duck, impregnated with the aroma and taste of citrus. The recipe is its simplicity – no special culinary skills are required, enough to give the dish just a little time and attention and it will be super tasty! 🙂


  • Duck (weighing about 2 kg) — 1 Piece
  • Orange — 3 Pieces
  • Celery (stalks) — 2-4 Pieces
  • Lemon — 1 Piece
  • Salt, pepper – to taste
  • Spices to taste (sage, herbes de Provence, rosemary)
  • Olive oil — 1 tbsp. spoon
  • The wine is sweet — 2 tbsp. spoon
  • Honey — 2 Tbsp. spoon

Number of servings: 7-9

How to prepare “Duck baked with oranges”

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
First you need to gut a duck (if not gutted), cut the tips of her wings, tail, excess fat and excess skin. In short, to prepare the carcass.

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
In a large bowl, mix until smooth with juice of one lemon, the juice of one orange, salt, pepper, olive oil and spices.

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
Put the duck in the marinade and put to marinate in the refrigerator for 1-6 hours (the longer marinated, the more acute the flavor of lemon and orange).

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
One orange cut into four parts.

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
Marinated duck out of the marinade, stuff with celery stalks and a quartered orange, put in lightly greased baking dish.

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
Put the duck in the oven, preheated to 190 degrees. Bake approximately 2 hours, during the roasting every 20 minutes, pour the duck released in the baking dish juice.

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
Meanwhile, prepare the glaze. Mix the juice of one orange, honey and wine.

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
The watery mixture is poured into a small sauce pan, bring to a boil and cook to a syrup consistency.

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
When the icing has reached the desired consistency remove it from heat.

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
The duck is ready take out from the oven were inside the celery, and orange throw, pour on top of duck cooked us hot glaze and all, the dish is ready!

Утка, запеченная с апельсинами
Tastes best when served with slices of fresh orange and some side dish (e.g. rice). Bon appetit! 🙂

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