Christmas salad “Tree” with a prescription from to REPLACE YOUR WEBSITE get both original, simple and delicious. And what’s more, when on the threshold of a New year is 2017, and I want to surprise visitors with new and unexpected taste, appearance and flow?

Thus we offer you to include in the menu for New year 2017 a La carte salad “Tree”, whose recipe combines such interesting products as cod liver oil and pomegranate seeds.

Christmas salad 2017 “Tree” – ingredients:

  • 1 can (240 g) cod liver
  • 4 eggs,
  • 4 tablespoons of rice
  • 2 onions,
  • 3 tbsp of pomegranate seeds (seedless),
  • 3 tablespoons of canned green peas,
  • bunch of fresh dill,
  • 100 g of mayonnaise,
  • 0.5 teaspoon of sugar
  • 0.5 teaspoon of vinegar
  • ground black pepper,to taste
  • salt to taste.

Christmas salad 2017 “Tree” – the recipe:

  • Cook the rice in plenty of salted water until tender. Dump the water, rinse the rice with cold water so it does not slip.
  • The eggs boil hard boiled, cool, peel and finely crumble.
  • Get out of the jar cod liver oil, grind it with a fork. Oil while not.
  • Very finely cut onions. Put it in a sieve, rinse with boiling water, went to the bitterness and let the water drain off. Then spray the onions with vinegar, sprinkle with sugar and leave for 10 minutes to promarinovatsya.
  • Combine rice, eggs, cod liver oil, peas and onions. Salt, pepper, add a little oil from the jar, fill with mayonnaise Christmas salad and mix.
  • On a platter laid out servings of salad, forming a small hill. You can use a spoon or plastic Cup.
  • Each serving of the new year decorate the salad with pomegranate seeds and sprigs of dill, forming a tree.
  • Bon appetit and happy New year!

    See videorecipe Christmas salad “Caesar”: