Смузи с овсяными хлопьями

A simple and nutritious drink prepared in seconds. Cereal should be quick cooking. Perfect for Breakfast or an afternoon snack. Sugar can not add.

Description of the preparation:

Prepare a smoothie with cereal and use it to replace Breakfast, snack or even light dinner. You will need a blender. All ingredients put into blender, whip, and serve.


  • Natural yoghurt — 170 Ml
  • Oat flakes of fast preparation — 1-2 tbsp. spoons
  • Jam or sugar — to taste

Number of servings: 1-2

How to make “Smoothies with oatmeal”

Смузи с овсяными хлопьями
1. Prepare the products. Yogurt you can substitute low-fat yogurt or milk. Sugar is not necessarily used, can be replaced with honey, jam or maple syrup.

Смузи с овсяными хлопьями
2. Put all the ingredients in the bowl of a blender.

Смузи с овсяными хлопьями
3. Grind until smooth. Smoothies cereal oatmeal ready!

Смузи с овсяными хлопьями
4. Use freshly prepared smoothies have! Bon appetit!